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February 20th, 2011

We Are The Network logoWhat Is We Are The Network?

We Are The Network builds community and personal connections through facilitated discussions in face to face, web-based and virtual world settings. We Are The Network has proven highly effective with both local and globally distributed groups and teams.

Where Can I Find A List Of Upcoming Public Events?

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Our Core Principles

  • Creation and expansion of engaged communities of people is critical to our society, to our collective future success and happiness
  • People crave the ability to connect with each other, to have serious discussions in a safe place, with respectful and supportive people
  • Professional facilitation helps people to build connections by providing a safe place to raise, compare and discuss strongly held opinions on important issues

On-going in-person and global online discussion groups, facilitated by Joel Foner, cover a range of topics including current events, social media, virtual worlds, robotics and the application and implications of information technology.  Additional topic areas to support specific community objectives added on request.

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Upcoming Public Events

*** Information on additional public events will be here soon! ***

Past Events

2011-02-01 Can Telling the Truth Conquer Fear of Telling the Truth?

2011-01-11 Handling Bad Behavior Online – Strategies and Implications

2010-11-16 Is Offshoring a Race to the Bottom or a Race to the Top?

2010-11-09 Are There Human Limits to the Performance of Organized Education?

2010-10-19 Will Misinformation and Disinformation Win?

2010-09-28 Can Real Food be Faster than Fast Food?

2010-09-21 The “I Have Proof!” Game

2010-09-14 Is Today’s Pop-Psych Right… You Can’t Change Anyone Else?

2010-09-07 Which Secrets will we Find in the Social Web?

2010-08-31 Bias and Discrimination: Where Are We Headed?

2010-08-17 Open Forum and SLCC 2010 Thoughts

2010-08-10 Why Is the ‘Economic Recovery’ of 2010 Jobless?

2010-08-03 Social Media Applied – How to Get Consulting Projects, Recruiters and Hiring Managers to Find You!

2010-07-27 Does “Instant Access to Everything” Cause Polarization of Opinions?

2010-07-20 Virtual World Success and Failure Factors – Past, Present and Future

2010-07-06 Can an Organization have a Personality Disorder?

2010-06-29 Personal Stress Management in a Chaotic World

2010-06-15 The Many Faces of Corporate Announcements – A Case Study

2010-06-01 How to Tell a Powerful Story in Text Chat

2010-05-25 Does Social Media and Virtual World Experience Build Marketable Skills?

2010-05-11 Parallels in Physical and Online Virtual Community Development

2010-05-04 How Should We Deal With Cyber-Bullying?

2010-04-27 What Would it Take to Create a Non-Violent Human Society?

2010-04-13 The Changing Employer-Employee Relationship: What is a Career Today?

2010-04-06 Trends and Ethics in Image Enhancement and Alteration

2010-03-30 Does Global Social Communication Cause Bad Behavior or Reveal It?

2010-03-23 How has our Networked Society Changed Personal and Business Relationships?

2010-03-16 Is it Time for a Disruptive Solution for Modern Education?

2010-03-09 Viral Success Factors for Virtual Business

2010-03-02 An Exploration of Game-Based Education

2010-02-23 News Slam 2!

2010-02-16 Google Buzz Hands-On Workshop

2010-02-09 Are We Engineering the Species that will Replace Us?

2010-02-02 How in the World do you Explain a Virtual World?

2010-01-26 How Would You Measure the Health of a Virtual World?

2010-01-19 How do Social Media and Virtual Worlds Affect Cultural Translation?

2010-01-12 Is “Professional Rewriting” And Blog Plagiarism The New Normal?

2010-01-05 BYOT (Bring Your Own Topic)! Open Forum

2009-12-29 Part 2 – Working Measures of Virtual World and Social Media Engagement

2009-12-22 Forterra and Metaplace Go Boom: What Does This Mean?

2009-12-15 Working Measures Of Virtual World Engagement

2009-12-08 How Will Google’s Personalization, Real-Time and Visual Search Announcements Change the World?

2009-12-01 Social Engineering Goes Massively Multiplayer – Are You The Next Target?

2009-11-24 The Age Of Professional Fake Authenticity

2009-11-17 What If The Omega 13 Was Real?

2009-11-10 Is Google Destined To Become Evil?

2009-11-03 Excuse me, but did you really say that?!

2009-10-27 The Good News Gone Bad Game!

2009-10-20 Economic Recovery… But What Is The New Normal?

2009-10-13 How Is Organizational Culture Like Duct Tape?

2009-10-06 Fair Use vs. Digital Rights Management

2009-09-29 Developmental Stages in Online Communication

2009-09-22 What Is Behind The “Public Civility Problem”?

2009-09-15: Virtual Space Planning for Business and Education Uses

2009-09-08: Welcome to News Slam 1!

2009-09-01: What Are The New 21st Century Skills and How Will We Learn Them?

2009-08-25: Will Augmented Reality Shopping Drive A New Vision For Shopping?

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