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2009-08-25 Notes: Will Augmented Reality Shopping Drive A New Vision For Shopping?

August 24th, 2009 No comments

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This Tuesday, Aug 25, 2009, we will be at the Epoch Institute in Second Life™

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This Week’s Topic:

Augmented Reality, the addition of virtual digital imagery (even motion video) into real physical scenes, is already here – and it works using normal off-the-shelf smartphones, webcams and inexpensive personal computers. Major retailers are already launching exploratory initiatives that use these technologies.

What are the capabilities of Augmented Reality for retail and commercial use?

How will the addition of Augmented Reality change the shopping experience?

How will it change the nature, meaning and relevance of physical brick and mortar stores?

Will it change how we make purchasing decisions?

… and more!

Join us Tuesday at 12PM noon SL (US Pacific Time) for a great discussion!

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