January 29th, 2017

About Joel Foner

Agile Coach
Troubled Project Rescue
Outcomes-Driven Business Agility

Business outcomes-driven agility coach, innovative problem solver, communicator with an uncommon array of business, technology and consultative skills, as well as software development and technical sales support experience.

My coaching and project leadership generates success in improving team and organizational outputs, rescue of troubled projects, formal awards, positive customer feedback and measurable results.

I’m also a photographer of live music, theater, community, family events and candid portraits, and shoot with a photojournalistic, candid style. I like music, flying and helping people to do things they didn’t think were possible!

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Recommendations – IT Project Management

Extracts from full recommendations found on my LinkedIn profile

“Joel is a rare breed, with strong people management and technical skills alike. One of his more notable achievements at Linden Lab was replacing the complex physics system that is the foundation of Second Life. By every right, such a fundamental rework should have been a very disruptive event, but Joel expertly managed the transition…By keeping the community engaged and informed, they enjoyed what would have been a frustrating experience at most other companies. ”

December 12, 2008

Brian McGroarty, Developer, Developer, Developer, Developer!!! >:O, Linden Lab

worked directly with Joel at Linden Lab

“One thing I love about Joel is his attention to detail and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances and requirements. There is no substitute for these skills”

September 16, 2009<

Gary Wisniewski, CEO and Founder, SLCN.TV / Treet.TV

was with another company when working with Joel at Remedy Communications Ltd.

“Joel brought an innovative approach to incrementally testing the Havok4 engine… There were many software issues that he and the team worked through. Joel also spent extensive time communicating to and interacting with the Resident community.

The Second Life resident community was very appreciative of Joel’s approach and developed a large fan base within the community. The project was considered a strong success by the Residents and within Linden Lab.”

February 8, 2009

Hamilton Hitchings, Director, Linden Lab

worked with Joel at Linden Lab

“One key element he brought along was a pilot user program, allowing us to put development code in the hands of our customers for real-world testing. This was crucial to our ultimate success – we never would have finished without the valuable feedback and bug reports from hundreds of users. Joel coordinated this and made it work. I definitely recommend Joel for future work and know he can organize and manage large complex projects to successful completion.” December 15, 2008

David Simmons, Developer, Linden Lab

worked directly with Joel at Linden Lab

“I worked with Joel as a vendor; he was my contact at the client, Remedy Communications. Joel was a pleasure to work with, intelligent and technically saavy, making support a pleasure. I wish all of our clients had someone like Joel interacting with our products.

I also found that Joel had an excellent grasp of the potential to which a technology could be taken, as well as a complementary sense of the relevant business cases. Joel has my highest recommendation.”

August 18, 2009

Nicholas Chase, President, InterSection Unlimited

was with another company when working with Joel at Remedy Communications Ltd.

“Joel is an industry leader in his field. As such, he brought a deep skill set and knowledge to his tasks working with Remedy which led to increased efficiencies and cost savings, the development of supporting tool sets and programs to support operations, and increased engagement with target audiences and communities.

…Joel oversaw work with a rare diligence and thoroughness. Project plans were detailed, and extremely well executed. More important, Joel was able to create clear value in managing an ecosystem that included subject matter experts, volunteers, users, community members, and team members.”

August 18, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Doug Thompson

hired Joel as a IT Consultant in 2009

“Joel is extremely organized and logical. He has a very analytical way of working through options and creating documentation around decision factors and workflows that I found very useful. His attention to project ownership is impressive, covering both the wide-scale effects as well as minor details, and projects that he has worked on are guaranteed to have lot of thought and research put into them. It was a pleasure working with Joel.” December 15, 2008

Donya Shirzad, Program / Project Manager, Linden Lab

worked with Joel at Linden Lab

Recommendations – Other

“Joel did a stunning job of conceptualizing and delivering an extremely valuable sales tool. The result – a Google Map overlaid with information on local broadcast markets, stations that had signed up, and more – was useful for strategic planning, fundraising and our fast nationwide rollout.

Joel delivered the application in record time, in a way that fit how we collected and updated data. Smart, quick on the uptake, superb results and flexibility. Was thrilled to have him working with us…”

December 11, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Steve Weiss

hired Joel as a IT Consultant in 2006

“I was very pleased to have someone as reliable, easygoing and professional as Joel to work with on Metanomics, and I would strongly recommend him for any job that includes tasks that would take advantage of his skills as a project manager, technical expert, community manager, or consultant.”

August 11, 2009

Robert Bloomfield, Founder and Editor in Chief, Metanomics

managed Joel indirectly at Remedy Communications Ltd.

“Joel is an exceptional community developer with a keen eye for developing technologies like online video interaction and immersive spaces.

…He has successfully nurtured a large subset of the programme’s viewers to create a highly participatory group which discuss and exemplify the changing nature of communication and its application in the areas of politics, education, commerce and other business. It’s vibrancy will be a lasting legacy for both its participants and those who learn from it.”

August 10, 2009

Mal Burns, Metaverse News Aggregator & Broadcaster, malburns.com

was with another company when working with Joel at Remedy Communications Ltd.

“Joel is a great conversation-facilitator, an expert in unlocking the creativity of communities, by inviting people to take part in a conversation, and in masterfully combining creativity with structured discourse.” September 24, 2009

Roland Legrand, Chief Internet & New Media, Mediafin

was with another company when working with Joel at JoelFoner.com – We Are The Network

I have been fortunate to have Joel as my mentor for 12 months.

…Joel was good at helping me look at things in new ways, and nutting out exactly what the problem really was. I will sincerely miss his support and guidance.”

December 21, 2008

Belinda Andrews, Customer Service Agent, Linden Lab

worked with Joel at Linden Lab

“I was a user of Joel’s product at LL. During development cycle he was unusually responsive to user input, in fact, sought it out assiduously. The environment was difficult organizationally and technically, and he pulled it off with excellence. It was a pleasure being a user/customer. I’d hire the guy.” December 12, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Randy Bush

user of a developed product that Joel was product / project manager for in 2007

“As the primary architect of the original website for the charter school I co-founded (www.mcaulifferegional.org), Joel coordinated a team of IT experts and delivered an incredible product. He also gave me concrete, sensible guidance to support my web designer for my own company (www.thinkingoutsidetheclassroom.com).

Joel is able to attend to both the small details that affect people’s often unconscious judgments of a site and the big picture issues, such as site flow. It’s fun seeing his amazing mind at work and getting his well-considered opinions.”

February 5, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Michael Delman

hired Joel as a IT Consultant in 2004, and hired Joel more than once

“Joel Foner has become the premier facilitator of live discussions in virtual world environments. For “We Are The Network” weekly meetings in the Second LIfe virtual environment, he chooses engaging topics, provides links to relevant “prep” materials, and then creates and and manages a lively interactive discussion in voice and text. On occasion he includes group viewings of videos, links to relevant web pages, and poll questions and weaves them into a free-flowing, in-depth conversation among as many as 40 individuals from all over the world.”February 11, 2010

Cindy Harris, Participant, We Are The Network

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