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2011-01-11 We Are The Network: Handling Bad Behavior Online – Strategies and Implications

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Handling Bad Behavior Online – Strategies and Implications

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This Week’s Topic

Handling Bad Behavior Online – Strategies and Implications

Bad behavior in online environments is a well known phenomenon, with its own character and implications. While some of the enablers for bad behavior are understood – relative anonymity, physical distance, the ability to sign off at a whim, the very low probability of ever encountering others in the discussion in person – best practices for handling such bad actors are varied. Suggestions for handling bad online behavior range from “don’t feed the trolls” (advice to totally ignore any sort of bad behavior) to “embrace and extinguish” (work towards turning an apparent opponent into an ally).

These behaviors cross the lines of online and in person, and repeatedly there have been cases where it at least appears that in person behavior has been influenced by inflammatory, “baiting” behavior online.

It is not always obvious which strategy is best for a situation. This week we’ll discuss the nature of bad behavior online, and discuss relative benefits, risks and likely outcomes of strategy choices in handling online behavioral issues.

Join us Tuesday at 12PM noon U.S. Pacific / 3pm U.S. Eastern time for an interactive discussion, and thanks for being part of “We Are The Network”!

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