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2010-11-16 We Are The Network: Is Offshoring a Race to the Bottom or Race to the Top?

November 14th, 2010

Is Offshoring a Race to the Bottom or Race to the Top?

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This Week’s Topic

Is Offshoring a Race to the Bottom or Race to the Top?

The debate about offshoring, the practice of moving jobs to other countries—usually with the objective of lowering costs—raises consistent and harsh debate. There are arguments about whether offshoring is “good” or “bad” and whether it creates problems or enhances the local job market. A presumption of many is that by offshoring lower-end jobs, this will be a race to the top for the country sending work overseas, as more people can focus on the higher value “race to the top” jobs. Others claim that this is merely a short term gain which will generate a “race to the bottom” globally, leaving a wider gap between rich and poor, and further centralizing power.

Is offshoring a race to the bottom, or a race to the top? What will the short, mid and long-term results of continued globalization and offshoring look like?

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Reading links below – have fun and see you soon!

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