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2010-09-14 We Are The Network: Is Today’s Pop-Psych Right… You Can’t Change Anyone Else?

September 12th, 2010

Is Today’s Pop-Psych Right… You Can’t Change Anyone Else?

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This Week’s Topic

Is Today’s Pop-Psych Right… You Can’t Change Anyone Else?

Once upon a time, the focus of management, marketing and sales was spin, change people’s interests, views, and desires towards your goals. For the last few years, it seems that the pop-psych current thinking has flipped to a completely opposite position, that not only can you not change anyone else, the only thing you can do is hope to attract them to you, and to attract them to change.

Is one or the other of these positions more accurate? Are there ways to change another person? If not, then why is advertising and marketing still effective, and why does management focus on improving performance (which could be looked at as a direct attempt to change behavior towards corporate goals)? If we can change other people, why do so many attempts to do so result in failure, even to the point of destructive side effects? Does refusing the concept of changing others result in a self-focused, narcissistic society? Does one or the other position, by design, improve society over time?

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Reading links below – have fun and see you soon!

How To Convince Someone to Believe in Anything, 2knowmyself.com

A Quick Overview of “Spin Selling“, Eric Wolfram

How to Change Peoples Attitudes, Guy Kawasaki

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie (summary of his book)

You Can’t Change Other People, Lisa Bosley

You Can’t Force Other People to Change – But You Can Help Them

Why People Can’t Change, Nan Einarson

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