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2010-09-07 We Are The Network: Which Secrets will we Find in the Social Web?

September 5th, 2010

Which Secrets will we Find in the Social Web?

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This Week’s Topic

Which Secrets will we Find in the Social Web?

Personal information is now scattered throughout the web, stored in and exposed by thousands of social networks, millions of blogs, email lists and other collections. Systems like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provide a mindbending amount of information about people and their relationships, and these are only the “big three” out of an ever growing number of “social” systems.

Marketers are, of course, digging in to this treasure trove of information to improve results, however we are likely at the very leading edge of understanding the impact of public social information. What will the social web expose about us on the personal, societal and species level? Will we learn things we never knew? Will we learn things we wished we never knew? Will it change the way public and corporate policy is developed and analyzed? How will it change the way we interact and relate to each other?

Join us Tuesday at 12PM noon U.S. Pacific / 3pm U.S. Eastern time for an interactive discussion, and thanks for being part of “We Are The Network”!

If you do not have a Second Life account and would like a quick start to attend the session, please contact me for more information.

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Reading links below – have fun and see you soon!

Social Network Analysis, A Brief Introduction, OrgNet.com

Untangling the social web, The Economist

Social Network Analysis for Behavior Change, Tom Valente

Online Behavior Analysis and Modeling Methodology, Maj David Robinson (slideshow)

Bibliography of Research on Social Media Sites, compiled by Danah Boyd

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Please Note – Mixed Text and Voice Session:

We Are The Network is an open, mixed voice / text discussion session. Please feel free to participate in voice or in text, to your preference. The facilitator and some participants will be using voice, so you may wish to enable voice in your viewer so that you can hear the voice portions of the session.

To enable voice, choose Preferences from the Edit menu, click the “Voice Chat” tab along the left of the form, and then make sure that “Enable voice chat” is checked. Again, speaking is not required for this session, however if you do not enable voice, and use speakers or headphones, you will not be able to hear part of the discussion.

Thanks for attending!

Joel Foner (Second Life: Joel Savard)


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