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2010-03-23 We Are The Network “How has our Networked Society Changed Personal and Business Relationships?”

March 22nd, 2010

How has our Networked Society Changed Personal and Business Relationships?

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This Week’s Topic

How has our Networked Society Changed Personal and Business Relationships?

Today’s society has changed, and been changed by, the emergence of systems and tools that have provided a near real-time communications fabric that connects us individually and collectively in new ways. They expose our social graphs, encourage us to explore each others’ social graphs, enable us to meet new people and re-connect with people we’d lost track of, all with speed and a level of ease and fluidity that was unheard of a few years ago.

It is easy to find commentary denouncing these systems as the emergent cause of the downfall of individual relationships and society in general. Is it really all one-sided? Are there advantages and positive changes brought on by our new socially hyper-networked world, as well as some risks and negative implications? We are in the midst of an evolution that is only enabled by technology, but is far more about us and how we relate than the technologies themselves. A while back I wrote a post The Networked Audience is Here. Now. Are You Ready? That post focused on professional presenters, but the true impact has much wider reach. This week we’ll explore the effects of these changes on our relationships in general.

How has the emergence of our networked society changed the way we relate to each other, the way we communicate, the way we create and maintain relationships? Have we started to change the nature of human relationships—what it means to be social, what it means to be part of a society, or what culture itself means?

Much of the literature on the web about the impact of networked society on relationships focuses on personal and intimate relationships, and this bias is reflected in the reading links below. That being said, the same issues apply to many types of relationships, including family, purely social and business relationships, so please read them in that light, as we’ll be discussing this larger view of the topic.

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Reading links below – have fun and see you soon!

2010 SXSWi Panel: Is Technology Weakening Interpersonal Relationships?

Being ‘Always On’ Impacts Personal Relationships More Than It Impacts The Written Language

The Influence of Social Networking Sites on the Interpersonal Relationships of Rogationist College Students – Research Proposal

IMing, Text Messaging, and Adolescent Social Networks, Dept of Telecommunications, Indiana University

Text messaging as a means to lowering barriers to help-seeking in students with depression, National College of Ireland

Impact of Text Messaging on Communication, Journal of Undergraduate Research at Minnesota State University

Children’s use of mobile phone text messaging and its impact on literacy development in primary school, Coventry University

Text Messaging Improves Parent-Teen Relationships, Samsung Telecommunications America research

Something in Nothing: Negative Space in the Clinician-Patient Relationship

Does Twitter Help Your Relationship or Harm It?

Relationships and Online Social Networks: The Value of Sites Like Twitter and Plurk

Why Facebook is Bad for Relationships

Big Surge in Social Networking Evidence, Survey of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (press release only – I have yet to find a source document with any sense of methodology or actual statistics on this topic, although the story was picked up and spread widely)

Pew Internet Report: Social Isolation and New Technology
Interesting that findings countered and earlier report showing more isolation in the Internet era. This study included the effects of social networking using technology and concludes that the level of isolation has not changed, however the shape and approach to our social networks have changed in character over time.

Study shows writing about a romantic relationship may help it it last longer, University of Texas

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Please Note – Mixed Text and Voice Session:

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