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2009-11-03 We Are The Network: “Excuse me, but did you really say that?!”

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We Are The Network: “Excuse me, but did you really say that?!”

Please join us for a discussion every Tuesday at 12PM noon SL (US Pacific Time)WeAreTheNetwork-istock-titled.001.150x88

This Tuesday, November 3rd, we will be at the Epoch Institute in Second Life
Click here to teleport to the Epoch Institute in Second Life

This Week’s Topic

Have you been here?  You write an email or IM, send it out thinking that it was clear and neutral.  You move on to something else.  Then all of a sudden you get a stormy response from someone who saw something very different in the words you crafted than what you meant.  We all know that it is pretty easy for this to happen in all sorts of discussions, and more so in text conversations than some others.

This week we’ll revisit a spin of an old game… the telephone game… updated as a micro-game for modern times.

“Excuse me, but did you really say that?” is a way for us to explore in role play style various ways that written and spoken communications can be interpreted and misinterpreted, while hopefully having some fun and learning some useful techniques.

Each participant will either chat in text or say in voice one sentence. We’ll all create as many possible realistic interpretations as we can create.  Then we’ll figure out how the original might have been handled differently to increase clarity and reduce the chances of misinterpretation.

Feel free to bring in real examples or make up samples.  Either way I suspect we’ll turn over some interesting things in the process.

See you on Tuesday at 12PM noon SL, and thanks for being part of “We Are The Network”.

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