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2009-12-01 We Are The Network: Social Engineering Goes Massively Multiplayer – Are You The Next Target?

November 28th, 2009

We Are The Network logo 300“Social Engineering Goes Massively Multiplayer – Are You The Next Target?”

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This Week’s Topic

computer user engineering crowdSocial Engineering Goes Massively Multiplayer – Are You The Next Target?

The explosion of social networks has enabled a new level of study in human behavior. Never before have large social networks been readily available easily for interactive engagement. Social media “gurus” proclaim that they know how to generate results with social networks, yet we are really at the beginning of understanding both how networked societies work and how to harness them (or change them) to achieve results.

A week or so ago I noticed this post Social Wargaming – Triangles 2.0, announcing the start of a social network enabled serious game to determine whether “quantitative methods and social network analysis allow us to consciously and precisely craft the shape of social systems online?”

The advent of quantitative research applied to the development and manipulation of social media and social networks may be the start of a new generation of ability for marketers to reach audiences, and a potential dark side, or statistically driven, highly effective social manipulation on a large scale. Public references to various academic work in process in this arena suggest that the site above is not a fluke, that this arena is an area of emerging serious study, no doubt for more than just purely academic reasons. What will this mean for to us as civilians in a socially networked world?

How will MMOSE (Massively Multiplayer Online Social Engineering – yes, a new acronym) change the world as we know it? Where are the practical applications for this developing technology? Is it visible?  Is it preventable? Is every social interaction social engineering anyway, in one form or another? (Ok, I couldn’t resist tossing that one in to the ring!)

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Reading links below – have fun and see you soon!

Social Wargaming: Triangles 2.0

Social Wargaming: Now Looking For Teams

MIT:  Reality Mining
“The Reality Mining research project has three aims: developing technology and algorithms for sensing, modeling, and changing human behavior.”

Human Behavior Modeling
“I suggest to treat sensor output emitted by a person as a Language of Life, and treat it with the suitable NLP machinery. Using n-gram models, I can correctly identify 85% of the MIT Reality participants.”

Research on social media sites (a list)

Human Behavior and Social Network Simulation

… and for a little comic relief “Wargaming For Toddlers”

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Joel Foner (Second Life: Joel Savard)

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    Interesting stuff!

  2. Mary-Frances
    December 1st, 2009 at 13:30 | #2

    Wish I could be there–looks really interesting (and an important topic to be up on!)

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