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2009-11-24 We Are The Network: The Age Of Professional Fake Authenticity

November 23rd, 2009

We Are The Network logo 300“The Age Of Professional Fake Authenticity”

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This Week’s Topic

The Age Of Professional Fake Authenticity

This space for rent back of headProfessional advertising and marketing organizations have taken to social media as the “new new thing” that will be their future business and income. An increasing number of “digital marketers” are acting as writers and content providers for their customers, ghost writing large numbers of blog posts, Twitter feeds and other public facing items that purport to be authentic creations of their clients.

It seems that a new level of this professional social media marketing is emerging, including services that intersperse small numbers of advertising messages, disguised as normal authentic messages, in the streams of normal people for profit. (One article describing this phenomenon is linked below).

My impetus to talk about this topic was a discussion I had this past week, with a person who had been an intern at an advertising and marketing firm. This person, as a condition of their internship, was instructed to post blog entries in the persona of a homeless person on behalf of the firm’s client.

How far will this go? Will we reach the point where statistical and psychological analysis will end up creating in-stream advertising that is all but indistinguishable from normal content in streaming communications media such as Twitter and Google Wave? Are we already there? Does it make sense to have regulations preventing in-stream interspersed advertising, in the same way that subliminal advertising “blipped” into a few frames of a movie is not allowed?  Is disclosure enough, and how can it work in a micro-blogging environment? Can the advertising establishment push the boundaries of this behavior far enough to destroy the value in social media, and remove the trust factors in social media such that it also is treated as “constantly suspect”?

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