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2009-10-27 We Are The Network: “The Good News Gone Bad Game”

October 25th, 2009

Please join us for a discussion every Tuesday at 12PM noon SL (US Pacific Time)WeAreTheNetwork-istock-titled.001.150x88

This Tuesday, October 27, we will be at the Epoch Institute in Second Life
Click here to teleport to the Epoch Institute in Second Life

This Week’s Topic

It’s time for a game!  This week, we will be playing “The Good News Gone Bad Game!”.

How To Play The Good News Gone Bad Game

It’s easy…  bring in or find a news item while we’re together, and “break it” by changing one fact.  The break could be a little change or a huge one.  You will present your one to three sentence summary of the story.  Then we will try to figure out which fact is broken in 90 seconds, after you’re done presenting the news item.

Feel free to use any and all available resources to figure out the broken fact, including search engines, calling a friend, tarot, or whatever else you think might help. (If 90 seconds is too quick we’ll try two minutes, but I’m guessing that 90 seconds is enough time to either figure out the broken fact or realize it’s going to be really hard to figure it out.)

Along the way we’ll probably not be able to avoid talking about one or two of the stories, and that’s ok too!

Join us Tuesday at 12PM noon SL, and thanks for being part of “We Are The Network”.

Best regards,


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Please Note – Mixed Text and Voice Session:

We Are The Network is an open, mixed voice / text discussion session. Please feel free to participate in voice or in text, to your preference. The facilitator and some participants will be using voice, so you may wish to enable voice in your viewer so that you can hear the voice portions of the session.

To enable voice, choose Preferences from the Edit menu, click the “Voice Chat” tab along the left of the form, and then make sure that “Enable voice chat” is checked. Again, speaking is not required for this session, however if you do not enable voice, and use speakers or headphones, you will not be able to hear part of the discussion.

Thanks for attending!

Joel Foner (SL: Joel Savard)

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