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2009-09-22 We Are The Network: What Is Behind “The Public Civility Problem”?

September 21st, 2009

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This Tuesday,  Sept 22, we will be at the Epoch Institute in Second Life
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This Week’s Topic

This week, as a result of several public incidents, the press seems to have discovered the meme collectively that we are losing our way in public discourse, and that the core issue is people not being civil to each other.

Is people not caring to be civil the core of this issue, or is rooted elsewhere, in the parenting style changes of the last decade or two, impact of large scale media behaviors, the political realities of today’s global interconnected culture, the recent financial problems, family structure changes, or some other cause?  Is this a new and growing phenomenon, or is the global net of communications exposing us to this issue in ways that we were not aware of previously?   If we trace the path back, what are the causes and drivers of these shifts?

If we posit that this is a growing issue, what can we do about it?  What actions can we take as individuals and collectively to improve the situation?

What is the right course of action?  Are we in the midst of a cultural shift that represents a “new normal” that is better in some ways and should be encouraged?  Does it represent a disturbing trend that, if unchecked, could destroy society as we know it?

Join us Tuesday at 12PM noon SL, and thanks for being part of “We Are The Network”!

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Reading links below – have fun and see you soon!

Commentary: Joe, Kanye, Serena – Aren’t They Special?

Disappearing civility – CNN – Pamela Eyring – Protocol School of Washington

The Culture of Narcisism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations
Lasch explains cultural narcissism as a response to anxiety, and a social strategy for people who lack a secure sense of their selves.”

Toward A New Future Of “Whatever”
http://mediatedcultures.net/ksudigg/?p=230 (wow – make some time some time to watch this one – 30 minutes but so worth it!)

Rash Of Rudeness Spurs Campaign For Civility

Did You Know 4.0

Civility Project

Mark DeMoss’ Civility Project Gets Off To Shaky Start

Parents: Most of what you’re doing is wrong:

Why Narcisism Thrives In Modern Culture

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Thanks for attending!

Joel Foner (SL: Joel Savard)

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